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In this area of our site there are annotated links to some software products and information we've found useful.  XerCom Computers does not have any commercial links with the websites listed below, and is not endorsing, or recomending any of the products listed.  Quite simply, we have found them useful tools and sources of information.

General Tools

FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager allows you to explore FTP sites using an interface similar to Internet Explorer, and even supports drag-drop operations between folders on the FTP site.


Putty is a freeware program that allows the user to securely log in to a remote UNIX machine. It's useful when you have Linux or UNIX machines to manage but your main machine is a Windows PC.

Developer Tools


This web site has a range of system utilities and freeware, such as tools to monitor what programs do. These tools can be invaluable when tracking down software problems.