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Pocket PC Othello / Reversi is one of the games available in the XerCom Pocket Games suite, a collection of traditional board games developed for use on a Pocket PC / PDA / Mobile Device. Ideal for use at home, or as travel games, and with their multiple skill levels provide a variety of challanges.

Pocket PC Games - Othello
Othello / Reversi

Pocket PC Othello aka Reversi allows either one or two player mode. In one player mode the PocketPC will be your opponent. Before beginning Pocket PC Othello select a skill level from the Options menu, and then begin the game by touching the square where you wish to place your first Othello piece. The object of Othello is to have gained more pieces than your opponent by the time the board is full, or to have eliminated your opponent completely. Othello pieces are captured from your opponent by placing your Othello piece next to your opponents, and following a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally through your opponents Othello pieces one of your own Othello pieces is reached (without first encountering an empty square). A move is only valid if at least one of your opponents Othello pieces are captured.

Compatible with most Pocket PC / Mobile Devices

All of the Pocket PC games are available to you for only 3.49 (approx. 6.50 USD).   You can download an evaluation copy of the mobile games for a free trial of each game.   As we introduce new releases and additional games, registered customers will be entitled to these completely free of charge. 

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