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28 May 2022 - Curent Release 1.0.19

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XerCom are pleased to announce the arrival of Draughts within the Pocket Games Suite.  If you are a registered customer then you are entitled to this update free of charge.  Unregistered customers may download the upgrade which will allow a free play of each new game with the evaluation license.

Pocket PC Games - Draughts
Draughts / Checkers

Pocket PC Draughts aka Checkers allows either one or two player mode. In one player mode the PocketPC will be your opponent. Before beginning Pocket PC Draughts select a skill level from the Options menu, and then begin the game by selecting the Draughts piece you wish to move first. The Draughts pieces are selected by touching the screen on the square where the Draughts piece is located - the square will turn blue. To complete a move, touch the the square you wish to move the Draughts piece to. You may deselect a chosen Draughts piece by touching it again.

Compatible with most Pocket PC / Mobile Devices

More games to follow shortly.  Please check the site regularly for updates.